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It’s the holiday season and the NFL playoffs are right around the corner.To some, football fever plus the holiday season is the perfect recipe for scamming consumers.Better Business Bureau of Greater Maryland spokeswoman Jody Thomas said this is the time of year they worry about people selling counterfeit sports jerseys.Authentic Jerseys China.”It’s kind of like Wack-a-mole,” Thomas said. “You get one (shop) shut down and three more pop up.”Thomas said these pop-up shops are just one example of how fans can be fooled into buying fake jerseys of their favorite teams.”NFL jerseys seem to be a big draw, even more so than some of the other lines,” Thomas said. “This is football season. This is when everyone’s getting excited about the playoffs.”Thomas highlighted some recent examples of customers that were taken advantage of.One consumer wrote, “I placed an order with this company and received an email that stated my transaction was complete and that my order would be shipped in 10 days. It’s now going on a month and nothing received.”Another shopper placed an order on Dec. 4 and wrote, “Checked tracking on Dec. 12 and said unfulfilled. Contacted via e-mail twice,” adding, “Tried calling two different numbers today on Dec. 16. One number disconnected. China Jerseys.The second number directs you to voicemail. Communication was cut off. They made their order. They actually paid insurance prices and did not receive the merchandise in the timeline promised.Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys.”Thomas said that there are potential red flags for consumer to watch for to avoid jersey scams, including jerseys with one team’s name, but in another team’s color, disconnected phone numbers from companies and websites based in foreign countries.While all these signs may seem obvious, the practice of shilling fake jerseys persists.

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