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Allen is a quarterback that can be trusted to sling it all over the field for four quarters.Cheap Jerseys.His mechanics are clean and polished, and arm strength will never be a problem for him in the NFL. There isn’t a long-distance throw that he can’t make, nor a part of the field that he can’t attack.Cheap NFL Jerseys.He throws on the run at an elite level, and his release is quick enough to squeeze it into tight windows during broken plays.


It is something Adam Gase preaches week after week, and something the media fails to preach year after year.Wholesale Jerseys.The same media preaching that the road for the Miami Dolphins is tougher than last year’s path, fails to remember what they said just last preseason. They forget that just two years ago, this Miami Dolphins team was losing games like they won last year. They forget that a big part of the 6-10 record was a clean sweep by not one, but two division rivals in the Bills and Jets. They forget the fact that the Dolphins were 1-3 at the bye, a similar feat to the last season started, only with one more loss added, and even though they won three of the next five, there was no epic feeling that they could just come back and win their way into the post season.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Heck, one of the wins came against perennial post season team the New England Patriots. But the end result produced a one and five record against the other teams in the division, a record good for fourth place out of four teams.

Playing at Wyoming doesn’t scream “national title contender,” but the lack of talent is actually astounding.Cheap Elite NFL Jerseys.Allen would often be running for his life with a mediocre offensive line, and receivers would drop easily catchable balls. Allen has made his share of mistakes, but he has rarely been helped by his teammates. Wholesale Elite NFL Jerseys.It makes it all the more impressive that Allen has been able to carry such an team on his back.

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