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Assocham asks govt cut duties on cold storage units Customs and excise duties on cold chain equipment need to be pegged at 5% or below to encourage domestic and foreign investments for minimising horticultural wastages and increasing shelf life of products, industry body Assocham said on Tuesday.Wholesale Replica NFL Jerseys. Currently, customs duty of 7.5% and excise duty of 16% is levied on these products. Horticulture accounts for 28% of value addition in the agriculture sector and 52% of agri exports but takes only 9% of arable land. It is also characterised by high wastages up to 35% in case of certain fruits and vegetables.Cheap Authentic Jerseys China.Large scale investments are thus required to minimise waste and improve farmer realisations, said RN Dhoot, president of The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) in a pre Budget memorandum to the finance minister.Replica NFL Jerseys. Cold chain infrastructure is not confined to cold storages but extends to temperature handling across the value chain from farms to consumers. It includes farm level pre coolers,is believed to have magical influence especially on lovers.NFL Jerseys China.It is said that if lovers are true to their feelings, the Tunnel of love can grant their wishes thus it is not only captured in nature photographs but in weddings as well.


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Tourists from all over the world flock yearly to see the beauty and mystic that bounds this wooded mountain range where the Danube river originates. It looks as if this place is dragged out directly from fairy tale books.Discount Jerseys.Tourism is the main industry in the Black Forest. Aside from towns and monuments, the area also is famous for its numerous long distance footpaths including some of the first to be established. Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys. The total networks of tracks amounts to 23,000 kilometers and are being maintained by a volunteer organization known as Schwarzwaldverein (Black Forest Society) with more than 90,000 fueled by a collapse reminiscent of what kept them home in 2015 .Authentic NFL Jerseys From China.You can be forgiven for figuring it’s hopeless. “Disappointing, frustrating, whatever word you want to use,” coach Claude Julien said. “Cheap Football Jerseys.We could have put that game away in the first period with the outnumbered situations we had. I think we had three two on ones, a breakaway, a power play. Nothing to show for it. “You can look at it whichever way you want. You’ve got to look at yourselves and blame yourselves for this loss. You can say you tried. But at this time of year, it’s not good enough.

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