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NFL football game goal is to advance to the opponent’s end zone. At the same time get more points than the opponents in the game specified time.

American football field is often nicknamed the grill, because the style of the marking line on the court to make the stadium look like a can of food to help the fire roasted rack. Game is on a 120 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide stadium game. China Jerseys . Longer called boundary edge, short boundary called the bottom line. Marking line next to bottom line is called the score, the score lines from each other is 100 yards. The region is located between the bottom line of the score and the score line 10 yards wide area called the end zone. Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys  . Distance scale draw a sub-yard line on the pitch every five yards (- {yard lines} -), marked every 10 yards up to 50 digital-yard line, otherwise known as the midfield area. Cheap China Jerseys . In the middle of both sides of the stadium marked with two parallel lines marked on both sides of the sideline, called code marking (- {hash marks} -). Any player must serve between online or code mark. The bottom of the touchdown zone set up two goal posts, spaced 18.5 yards. A rail link from the goalposts together, the crossbar from the ground height of 10 yards. Successful shot, the ball must cross over the crossbar and between the two goalposts. When the game, both were sent 11 players to play.NFL Jerseys Cheap .However, the game, you can always replace some or all of the field players. As a result, each player have a dedicated task, and all of the team sent 53 players will all play in the match in every game.China Jerseys. Therefore, the team will be divided into three team players attributes were offensive players, defensive players and especially the players.

Answer: A standard game for the four quarter, 15 minutes of each session (high school game every 12 minutes), as well as between the three and second in the middle of the break. Wholesale Jerseys . The game will be suspended in a number of situations, so the game time is often beyond the specified time a lot of up to more than three hours. If the four quarter, the two sides with the points, the game will be extended for 15 minutes, winning the first scoring rules.Cheap NBA JerseysIf still no score, to tie the game. The rules of the University Games are more complicated and different.


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The American football attack method is similar to the six people. The ball team (offensive side) has four offensive opportunities forward (anti defensive touchdown zone) to promote the ten yards, every chance said a down. NFL Jerseys Cheap . When the offensive side of the success of the four accumulated in the ten times to promote the four yards, they can get the opportunity to continue to attack again. If the offensive side can not move ten yards in the four chance, they will give the ball to each other.Cheap JerseysIn addition to the outside of the opening, the second half kickoff and scored after the restart, each attack, to the same side by side kick-off (SNAP) way to start: offensive and defensive player in the kick-off line before and after lined on both sides, facing each other. Where an offensive player Center (Center) between the legs the ball to pass to a teammate, usually the receiver teammate is quarterback .

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