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Jones is a gifted orator, a spin doctor supreme, and a master marketing man.Cheap Jerseys. And he’s intentionally left that Prescott/Romo door ajar at several points this season. After watching his offense stuck in neutral two straights weeks and with the playoffs fast approaching, we’re about to find out just how patient the owner truly is.NFL Jerseys China.Since a dizzying offensive display on Thanksgiving Day, the Cowboys offense has sputtered and Prescott has slumped. It wasn’t just Sunday night in the Meadowlands.Cheap NFL Jerseys. The Cowboys are suddenly no longer the hottest team in the NFL, the 11-win joy ride is over, and in the postseason it’s more likely that they’ll be facing defenses of the caliber of the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants than the likes of the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins. That’s the reality of playoff football. China Jerseys.Andafter enduring all of his postseason futility since the glory days of the dynasty that Jimmy Johnson built in Texas, no one knows this more profoundly than Jones.

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Make no mistake, this weekend’s game with the surging Tampa Bay Buccaneers is huge. It’s huge for Prescott and it’s huge for Romo . Authentic Jerseys. One more week of empirical evidence, against another thriving defense, might be just enough data for Jones to determine if his offense is merely experiencing a hiccup, or if it’s a more drastic reset, a market correction that may portend bad things come January.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Is Ezekiel Elliott , Dallas’ other explosive rookie, hitting the wall a bit himself, after getting a monster workload this season? Is the equation shifting a bit with this unit to where the quarterback may now need to be flat-out winning games rather than simply not losing them?NBA Jerseys Cheap.And would Romo — the heady, gritty and trusted veteran, and one of Jones’s all-time favorite players — be better equipped to provide that pre-playoff spark?

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