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Football Jerseys Cheap.Enis only played in nine games as a rookie, rushing for 497 yards without any touchdowns on 133 carries. The next season, he rushed for 916 yards, which would seem promising if not for the fact he needed 287 carries (3.2 yards per) to get there, and only managed three touchdowns. Enis would then receive only 36 carries in 12 games in his third and final season in the NFL.The positives start with quarterback Jameis Winston and a Bucs roster growing in power. Tampa Bay enters next season as a playoff contender, but it’s hard to imagine the team dumping 34-year-old Vincent Jackson only to turn around and sign the 32-year-old Marshall.NFL Jerseys China Online.It’s more likely the Bucs mine the draft to get younger at the position, but a Marshall-Mike Evans combo is juicy on paper.Gerhart didn’t have a great four-year career in college, but he really took off over his final two seasons at Stanford. Playing for Jim Harbaugh, Gerhart became a battering ram in the Stanford backfield and was the focal point of the offense, even with Andrew Luck on board during Toby’s senior season.Discount Jerseys.

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Cheap Football Jerseys.Also exploring a trade for Cooks, Tennessee is prioritizing the wideout position. They need a big-framed target to win matchups for the ultra-promising Marcus Mariota. Like Wentz, Mariota will be viewed as a raging positive for any potential free agent looking to work with an exciting young quarterback. The Titans are a team on the rise, but the question is whether Marshall would be viewed as a fit by Tennessee’s cunning front office.In the interest of full disclosure, being a fan of the Chicago Bears (no, I don’t know why I would be, either), this one could be a bit personal for me.Wholesale Jerseys. You see, Curtis Enis had a solid career at Penn State, though I don’t think many would call it spectacular. While he was a consensus All-American in 1997, he was never a Heisman finalist, nor did he win any major awards. This was not Enis’ fault, however, as he happened to be playing at Penn State at the same time as guys named Ron Dayne and Ricky Williams were running the ball at Wisconsin and Texas.Enis had a very good career, though, as he compiled 3,079 total yards and 38 touchdowns over his final two seasons at Penn State.Authentic Football Jerseys.

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